Bill Stuart Portrait: Final Draft

Much progress has been made with the portrait. A layout has been established, along with positioning of figures, and a selection of references to Bill's life and interests sprinkled throughout the piece. The next stage will be going into the painting itself, transitioning away from sketches and drawings.

As this process continues, I am finding that my hope of bringing fond remembrance and closure to those in Bill's life is coming to fruition. Those involved in the editing and redrafting of the painting have been expressing their happiness with the process and find themselves happily reminiscing about Bill's life.

I have agreed to donate this final draft for an auction, the proceeds of which will be used to help fund a scholarship in Bill's name. I have also agreed to let reproductions of the final painting be made and sold to also help fund the scholarship. Hopefully, this will help bring happy memories to even more individuals who knew Bill.

More as it develops.